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The ultimate water guard for your home

A breakthrough invention, the Hydroguard Modular series are the revolutionary water purification system that is capable of eliminating 99.99% water contaminants while absorbing chlorine and other chemical compounds to a safe level.

The first water filter that has ever invented very intelligently which is logically designed to meet the automatic-flushing system.

Our Elite Products

Water Purifier + Dispenser

Kalla 3 (Point-Of-Use)

The One and Only drinking water filter that is Highly recommended. It comes with automatic filter cleaning system 24/7 and probably, the best one in Malaysia with the most affordable maintenance.

Kalla 8 (Point-Of-Use)

Kӓlla 8 is a unique Indoor Water Filter / Point of Use (POU) filtration system designed for under the sink / wall mounted / stand alone installation. Durable lifespan, aluminium with high UV resistivity.

Lux Cube Water Dispenser

With its sophisticated, professionally-engineered and premium look, the Cube Firewall (Cube FW) is the ideal worktop solution for small working environments, meeting rooms, kitchens, bar and break areas.

Lux Hybrid Water Dispenser

Covid-secure hydration at home for you and your loved ones, all-day, everyday. With its stylish design, the Hybrid Firewall (Hybrid FW) is an innovative water purification system with no installation required.

Fountain (Direct Dispenser)

Korea direct piping – Hot, Normal & Cold Water Dispenser: 4-Stage Water Filtration System. The stainless steel Fountain comes with child lock safety feature and compressor overheat protection.

Lux Fontus (UV Resistant)

Fontus is a patented Outdoor Water Filter / Point-Of-Entry (POE) filtration system designed for households. It is designed with an easy back-wash feature using only a foot pedal and reducing water wastage.

1054 Auto Outdoor Purifier

Fully stainless steel outdoor water filter with automatic backwash. Hassle-free and keep your family safe at all times.

Premium Air Purifier

Rein Leben

Six-layer Purification, More Professional And Efficient
Hunting Formaldehyde, Pm2.5, Bacteria, Dust In One Second

Lux Aura & Ventus

A premium air purifier that keeps the air around us clean. Equipped with UV LEDs to reduce viral and bacterial load in the air.

Water Pump Controller

Water Pump Controller

Professionally-engineered flow-switch water pump controller. By eliminating the pressure factor, we avoid problems of dripping taps, pipe burst and flooding.

Did you know?

Knowing and learning water conditions and weather patterns in Malaysia plays an integral role in developing a filtration and purification system that would feed the needs of a myriad household. At Hydroguard, that is key to our growth and success.

International Standards

For your safety and health, all Hydroguard products have been tested and proven safe.

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