Point-of-Use Indoor System

Kalla 8

Alva Kӓlla 8 is a unique Indoor Water Filter / Point of Use (POU) filtration system designed for under the sink / wall mounted / stand alone installation.
It housing is made from durable lifespan Aluminium with high UV resistivity.

Hydroguard Kalla 8

The all-new Hydroguard Kalla 8 is an unheard of revolutionary water filtration system that no home can live without!

It comes with UF and Carbon cartridges to filter water contaminants for direct consumption. Its Digital Module displays a daily counter of the filter and will trigger an alarm when the filter is due for replacement.

Hydroguard Kalla 8

Step 1: Ultrafiltration

The UF Membrane is to reduce incoming particulate down to 0.01 micron, bacteria & virus by 99.99% and preserves natural minerals. The self flushable UF membrane prevent it from choking and enhance its lifespan. The flushed-out water is safe to be used for cleaning purposes in the kitchen.

Hydroguard Kalla 8

Step 2: Activated Carbon

GAC K8 cartridge is made of Coconut shell granulated activated carbon. It removes Free Chlorine, odour, colour, toxins and heavy metal from the water. It also enhances the taste of water for direct consumption.

It’s a lifetime investment and it comes with a very strong ABS FOOD GRADE body which can be used with a home free mindset for more than

1 years


Hydroguard Kalla 8

Durable Lifespan Technology

Hydroguard Kalla 8

Active Flushing Technology

Hydroguard Kalla 8

UF Membrane Technology

about Kalla 8

System Specification

Ultra-Filtration Cartridge - Filtration Capacity (Standard Tap Water Quality)

10,800 litres

Pressure range

1 ~ 3 bars

Temperature range

5 ~ 40°c

Granular Activated Carbon Cartridge - Filtration Capacity (Standard Tap Water Quality)

3,600 litres

Pressure Range

1 ~ 8 bars

Temperature range

15 ~ 45°c

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