Instant Hot, Ambient & Cold Purifier


The latest instant HOT, AMBIENT & COLD REAL Tankless technology. Keep you away from bacteria and mold grow in water tank. Purified water is instantly heated / cooled. Equipped with Hot, Purified and Cold function. Easily control the temperature by touch.

Hydroguard Tankless

Auto-Smart System - Hydro Tankless

  • Smart Alarm Function. Inform when to change the filter
  • Auto Clean Function. Keep filters clean after replacement
  • Safe Care Function. Drain off liquid residue in internal water line
Hydroguard Tankless
Tankless Filter

Filtration System

Nano Positive
Removes nano virus (99.9%) colon bacillus virus and bacteria preserve mineral ingredients.

Carbon Block
Removes residual chlorine & chemical subtance.

Easy Replacement Filter

Easily detach the filter by a twist provide more saving in maintenance.

It’s a lifetime investment and it comes with a very strong ABS FOOD GRADE body which can be used with a home free mindset for more than

1 years


Hydroguard Tankless

Instant Hot & Cold Purifier

Hydroguard Tankless

Safe from Bacteria & Mold

Hydroguard Tankless

Stylish & Slim Design

about Tankless

System Specification


White / Grey

Rate Input & Voltage

(Cold)1.4kW / (Hot)2.4kW
220V~240V, 50/60Hz

Size(W*D*H) & Weight


Filtration System

Sediment + Carbon Block + Ultra-filtration

Hot & Cold Water Temperature

50°C~85°C (HOT)
Max. 5°C (COLD)
Room Water Temp: 20°C~35°C

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