Direct Pipe in Dispenser


Direct piping – Hot, Ambient & Cold Water Dispenser: 4-Stage Water Filtration System. The stainless steel Fountain comes with child lock safety feature and compressor overheat protection.

Hydroguard Fountain

The all-new Hydroguard Fountain is an unheard of revolutionary water filtration system that no home can live without!

High quality white and charcoal ABS plastic housing. Auto temperature control (Hot 85°C and Cold 4°C).

Hydroguard Fountain

Hot, Ambient & Cold

  • LED Indicator
  • Rotatable Water Tap
  • Ultra Filtration System Bloack 99% Backteria
Hydroguard Fountain

4 Stages Filtration

  • Stage 1: Sediment Filter
  • Stage 2: Pre-Carbon Filter
  • Stage 3: Ultra Filtration Filter
  • Stage 4: Post-Carbon Filter
  • Stage 5: Alkaline Filter (optional)

It’s a lifetime investment and it comes with a very strong ABS FOOD GRADE body which can be used with a home free mindset for more than

1 years


More Options

Low Energy Consumption

Korea 4 Stages Filtration

Modern Design

Made in Korea

about Fountain

System Specification

Tank Capacity (Hot)

1.4 litres

Tank Capacity (Cold)

4.0 litres

Temperature (Hot)

83 - 92°c

Temperature (Cold)

4 - 10°c

Power Consumption (Hot & Cold)

300W ~ 80W

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