Premium outdoor water filter

1054 Royal

Fully stainless steel outdoor water filter with automatic backwash and hassle-free. It reduces chlorine to a safe level in order to keep your loved ones healthy 24/7.

We also have 844 Royal

844 Royal
Hydroguard Resources
Hydroguard Resources 1054

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is used to purify liquids, gases and THM (Trihalomethane) in a variety of applications, including municipal drinking water, food and beverage processing, odor removal, industrial pollution control. 

Fine & Coarse Silica Sand

Unique outdoor water filter filtration system made from Fibre-Glass Reinforced Polyester, comes with stainless steel jacket to protect the vessel against the strong sunlight.

The all-new Hydroguard 1054 Royal is an unheard of revolutionary water filtration system that no home can live without!

Automatic back-wash without hassle.

It’s a lifetime investment and it comes with a very strong Fibre-Glass Reinforced Polyester FOOD GRADE body which can be used with a home free mindset for more than

1 years


Automatic Backwash System

Hygienic Water Purification

Quality Product & Service

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